FRP Lining Services

Raw materials for FRP lining services

We procure raw materials from authentic vendors to ensure quality in our frp lining services and the product output is maintained consistently.

FRP Lining On MS:

Chemicals we store sometimes severely corrosive to metal made of storage tanks, resulting in possible leaks. This corrosion is mainly in storage of many chemicals like caustic, Acids, chromium, Sulphur di oxide etc. In general many Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries they are facing problems in their MS Tanks.

MS Tank corrosion mostly happens when a layer of water containing soluble salts and chlorides settles to the bottom. Hence to avoid this corrosion, a prominent method is our FRP Lining services on the MS Surface. Our range of FRP lining services includes tank lining, vessel lining, Duct lining and chemical resistant lining.

We use wide range of Resins ranging from Isopthalic Polyester resin, Bis - phenol Resin, Vinyl ester resin etc. Based upon the storage chemicals, we can decide the resin to be used.

FRP Lining On Pickling tank(Electroplating tank):

We offer pickling tanks which provides better resistant against various chemicals used for pickling process. Our Pickling tanks are made of thermo plastic materials like PP, FRP, PP/FRP, PVC/FRP etc. These tanks are specially made for electroplating processes which is highly resistant against various chemicals like Chromium, Sulphuric Acid, Caustic, Hot water etc. We can also provide suitable fume hood and the scrubbing system with the centrifugal blower and the entire system as per pollution control board norms.

Major advantages of frp linning on pickling tanks are:

It is highly corrosion resistance against various chemicals.

Light in weight and easy handling

Lower in cost and easy repairing.

FRP lining for Leak Proof:

We do FRP Lining services to avoid any leakage of tanks, pipes, receivers etc. This provides a major part in maintenance and re-usage of the tanks. It helps to avoid leakage in roof tops, chemical tanks, water tanks, reactors etc. the properties like resistance to corrosion against major chemicals and good bonding with major metals provides versatile application for arresting leakage.

FRP lining for Corrosion resistance:

Environmental corrosion means the corrosion of the metals and structures due to acid fumes, chemical contact etc. These problems can be avoided by providing FRP Lining or coating over those surfaces. Due to excellent resistance and good bonding properties it helps to avoid corrosion against major chemicals.

FRP Lining Services